How To Find A Good Hair Stylist

hair stylesKeeping up with hairstyles

Just like in any other field of fashion, it is important to keep up with the new trends when it comes to hairstyles. There is no point in wearing the hottest clothes in the market and have a hairstyle from the seventies. It is also pointless to be the first to find out about what shoes are new and be the last one to know which hairstyles rocks today. You need to keep up with every aspect of fashion. To keep up with hairstyles, consider looking at the following places:

Your hair stylist

Most people tend to think that only celebrities are trendsetters. What they miss is that the stylists are also trendsetters. Since hair is their expertise, they spend time learning how to do different hairstyles and learning what’s new in the market. They also spend time coming up with new creations for their customers. To keep up with new hairstyles, befriend your stylist. She will let you in on which style is hot. If you are lucky, you might be the first one to try out a new creation. This will make you a figure to be looked up to when it comes to hairstyles.

Fashion blogs

Fashion bloggers are always on the prowl for what’s new. They attend events; they keep up with celebrities, and they have marked remarkable stylists to help them know what’s new. However, it is important that you check how frequent the blog you are following gets updated. If it takes too long, the probability is that the styles posted there are not exactly fresh. Also check the reputation of the blogger; it will assure you the styles you are getting are indeed the hottest. Therefore, checking out fashion blogs will keep you posted on what’s new.


Celebrities are fashion icons. When any company has a new product, they want a celebrity to wear it so that their fans can see it and buy it. This principle applies to hairstyles as well. Each time a known stylist has a new hairstyle he wants to show off, he will go to a celebrity. Therefore, keeping an eye on celebrities will keep you updated. When a celebrity has a given hair style, you do not have to duplicate the style, you can get inspired by the style then be creative and come up with a better one. Be careful as lot of celebrities will endorse products. Make sure to check out the reviews of the products you are going to buy online before purchasing. I was going to buy my hair weave from Mayveen hair, but then I read their reviews online. Glad I read the reviews before purchasing!

Go old school

It is tiresome and frustrating just to follow other people. It would be cool to be a trendsetter yourself. Now, to do this, you do not have to have a killer, stylist. All you have to do is be creative. Study the trend that there is and find an old school version of it. If you cannot find its old school version, go for the closest thing. This way, you will have a style that is slightly different from the rest but still cool and fashionable. You can also decide to combine both old school and what is trending. This way, you will come up with a hairstyle that others will simply admire.

Watch hair fashion shows

Yes, there are fashion shows for hair. Most people are ignorant of this and just follow fashion shows for clothes and shoes. Just like other fashion shows, hair fashion shows is a great place to find inspiration. There are many creations that are showcased there that no one else has tried yet. This will not only help you keep up with the trending hairstyles but also give you the chance to be among the first to wear it. You’ll be a fashion icon as well- in your rights.